The head of Apple told who should switch from iPhone to Android

PhonesNovember 10, 2021 at 15:11 min. In his opinion, to users dissatisfied with the company's policy, Apple CEO Tim Cook commented on the dissatisfaction of many users with the closeness of iOS to install third-party applications. Cook encouraged such users to switch to Android.

According to the head of Apple, iOS is 15-47 times less at risk of infection with mobile viruses than Android. This is achieved due to the fact that Apple's OS is implemented as an ecosystem, and installing third-party applications can become a loophole for viruses and, as a result, hackers.

Cook called installing third-party IPAs on iPhones and iPads, bypassing the AppStore, driving a car with faulty seat belts and deactivated airbags. And if some users like this alternative, they should switch to Android, which, according to Cook, is less secure than iOS.

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