iPhone 13 causes problems for drivers

IPhone 13 users complained about Carplay service. Об этом сообщает портал MacRumors.

Carplay is an Apple proprietary system that allows you to use the iPhone capabilities driving a car.When playing music with the help of the latest iPhone model through various services, for example, Apple Music or Spotify, Carplay fails.At the same time, the old iPhone models work properly.

“I updated my iPhone 11 to iOS 15, I went to the store without problems with Carplay.While there, I activated my new iPhone 13 mini (and turned off the iPhone 11), and now Carplay does not work.An attempt to reproduce any music leads to a failure and stopping work, ”one of the owners of the gadget complained.

In this case, the error occurs both with a wireless and wired connection of the gadget to the multimedia system of the car.Some iPhone owners came to the conclusion that the problem is the latest version of the iOS 15 OS.

iPhone 13 доставляет проблемы водителям

According to one user, the Apple technical support service is known about the widespread problem, and it can be corrected in the next iOS update.

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