MTS does not spend my cashback in touch, and support is mocking

This epic began on October 20, when the date of writing off my fee (790 rubles) came up.At that time, I already had 1684 rubles of cashback, which were displayed from the MTS Cashback application in advance.But on October 20, I woke up and found that my communication services were blocked, but nothing was written off from cashback.


I immediately called in support, they could not help, only made an appeal to technical specialists (number 1-716246035817) and connected the promised payment to me so that I did not sit without communication (I decided not to put real money from the principle for the balance, until it is not yetI will be cashback).

On October 23, communication services (and this is a phone, home Internet and TV) I was blocked again, the appeal was never decided, the cashback did not write off, the promised payment was again connected on the phone.

Today on October 28, the appeal has not yet been considered, communication services have been blocked again today, Cashback has not written off.On the phone, reluctantly, the promised payment was again connected again.

At the same time, the operator Barbara (who was 18 years old) allowed herself to communicate disrespectfully and invented some kind of garbage, allegedly in the MTS Cashback application, I had to do something else, but did not do it.I knew that she was wrong, so he told her to tell specifically what I should do in the application.To this, she replied: "I can't configure the application for you".She also refused to wait a couple of minutes until I have a connection after the next promised payment, to look together at the available options in this application.I threw the phone.When the connection earned and I opened the MTS Cashback application, I again walked around all the options and made sure that everything that could be done had already done (I brought cashback from there to my phone number).

After that, I asked several operators (both in chat and by phone) what Barbara had in mind, but they said that they had no idea, and that cashback (already credited to the phone’s account) should be written off automatically.

МТС не расходует мой кэшбэк на связь, а поддержка издевается

October 28 to me "as an apology" was credited with the unfortunate 150 rubles, which instantly wrote off with an incomprehensible formulation of "Cancellation of the promised payment during the registration of payment" :)

I just want this hell to finally end and the money from my cashback bred to the phone began to write off on the account of a monthly fee.And I also want Barbara to be thrown out of work.