Presentation for half an hour: how to create cool slides in the conditions

Review of basic and unobvious tools for designing presentations in Canva


Many are familiar with the situation when a wave of current cases imperceptibly naits the deadline for preparing a report or lecture.Time is overrefrolling, and the level of expertise does not allow me to put up with raw slides.You need to make the presentation quickly and neatly, and so that the audience is not bored.I show how canva can help in this.

How to start work with canva

Canva is a graphic editor who can understand both a beginner in design and an experienced professional.It has all the necessary tools for creating informative presentations, content for social networks, editing videos and many other useful chips.

There are several options for how to work with canva:

Choose a convenient format and registration method - it will take a matter of minutes.It is more convenient to work on the design of the presentation in the desktop version, and from the mobile you can read and correct the little things on the go.

Start with a clean sheet to run through the basic capabilities of the editor.I will not dwell on them in detail in the text, but I will leave a small cheat sheet.

We got used to the PowerPoint interface for a long time and doubt whether it is worth mastering another application?I think it's worth it.CANVA developers tried to simplify the process of creating designs as much as possible and left only the most popular functions on the menu.And at the expense of the library of templates, the task of designing the presentation can be closed in one approach - to fill with your content and correct the details a little.

Designer slides are decorated in the same style as part of one presentation, but they are not similar to each other like two drops of water.This sets the visual rhythm and contributes to the involvement of the audience.The change of arrangement of elements makes the viewer consider every new slide.

How to use patterns for presentation

To proceed with the presentation of the presentation on the template, go to the “Presentation” section on the main page or set a request in the search bar.Canva will automatically offer some categories of presentations.Here are a few of them: “Presentations for startups”, “Presentations for business”, “Marketing presentations”, “Presentations in education”, “Presentations about Covid-19”.Click on the one that corresponds to your topic.

A library of presentations with the first slides for previews will open.To view all slides, bring the cursor to the right upper corner of the template.In the pre -viewing window under the main slide, scroll through a number of miniatures and look at similar templates below.You will also see a list of clickable tags under miniatures.You can check the search results for them.

Having decided on the choice, click on the "Change template" button.A full set of slides from the template will open in a new edit tab.All slides available in the template will be displayed on the side panel on the left side.

How to change the slide order and add new

You can open the tape of miniatures in the lower part of the working area.In the lower right corner there is a button for the transition to the “net presentation” mode.Both there and here you can switch between slides, selectively delete and add new pages, copy and change places.

How to quickly adapt the template to corporate identity

A pair of clicks can be replaced by fonts and completely change the color theme in the template.Highlight the element and refer to the palette.Enter the color designation in HEX encoding.If such a designation is not in the guide to the corporate identity, it will help to determine the Canva palette generator.Having changed the color of one element, click on the “Change everything” button in the lower part of the palette.Color replacement will be applied to all pages.

To add the logo to the slides, just drag the file from the computer to the editor, and it will remain in the “loading” folder.Permissible file formats for download: PNG, JPEG, SVG, Heic/Heif.Many templates already indicate a place for the logo.Edit the location of the logo on one slide and copy to the rest with hot combinations Ctrl + C / Ctrl + V. When copying, the elements are placed on new pages in the same place as in the original.

How to combine slides from different templates and copy style

If you need to insert a slide from another template, there are no difficulties in this - you can switch to the library of templates from the working area.Find a template and a slide that you want to add.Add an empty page to the presentation and transfer the slide you like to it.

The next task is to adapt a new slide so that it does not violate the overall visual rhythm.This will help the “Copy Style” button, located in the upper right corner of the toolbar, or a combination of Alt + Ctrl + C / Alt + Ctrl + V.

In this way, you can copy the entire style of the element, including colors, background, filters, fonts, text effects, orientation of the text, etc. You can even copy the styles of grouped text blocks with headlines, subtitles and the main text.A few examples on the video, how it works.

How to add photos, icons, stickers and animation

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What is good to design presentations in Canva is a variety of available decorative elements. In the editor there are stock photos, dies, icons, drawings, figures, patterns, frames, animated stickers and much more. If you do not have enough visual means that are already in the template, go to the “Elements” tab, and then to the group of elements of the “Graphics”. Here you can use the tips or set a request in the search bar. Click on the element you like, and it will appear on the work sheet. Change the color, location and size of the element.

You can upload your photos, pictures and other media files with the usual mouse dragging into the editor window.All content is stored in the “loading” folder.If desired, you can create separate folders and store your files in them.

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How to add a video

You can download the video in Canva in the same way.You can post a video both a background and using special elements for inserting - a frame or a grid.In addition, you can add a video and other media content from social networks and YouTube.To do this, go to the "More" tab and connect the appropriate extension.Copy a link to the video and insert it into the search bar.Transfer the video to the sheet and edit the location.

How to add links

If you want to make a presentation with hyperlinks in the text, select the desired text fragment and click on the link icon in the upper right corner of the toolbar.Insert the link into the line that appears and click the “apply” button.

Please note that by default the text with a hyperlink is highlighted by emphasizing, but remains the same color.If you want to attract more attention to the text with reference, change the color manually.By the way, links can be attached not only to the text, but also to the elements of graphics.

How to work on a presentation in a team

Teams are one of the best functions in Canva.It simplifies remote joint work: you do not need to send files for approval, prescribe edits with text, reconfigure and download again because of one annoying typo.You can work with colleagues on the presentation at the same time and exchange comments right in the editor.

On the main page, go to the “invite people” tab and enter the email addresses of the team members.Add the name of the team and distribute the rights of the participants.Open access to the design members of the team.

How to share a presentation from Canva

CANVA editor offers several options for preserving and demonstrating presentations, such as:

I’ll tell you more about the latter from the list in the following sections.To choose one of the options previous to him, press the button with three points in the upper right corner or with two arrows in the lower right corner (transition to the speaker mode).

Please note that while preserving the presentation in PDF and PPT format, animation, video and sounds will not play.When downloading animated presentations, choose the MP4 format.

When converting into PDF and PPT, some elements and fonts can change their appearance.Yes, unfortunately, this happens so far.Good insurance from this is a demonstration directly from Canva.Click on the "Presentation" button in the upper right corner.It will be possible to choose one of three demonstration options:

In this way, you can demonstrate the presentation online through a screen demonstration, for example, in Zoom.Pay attention to the list of effects with hot keys with which you can attract attention, intrigue, remind you of timing.

How to record a presentation

If you want to distribute the presentation online with a voice or video recording, Canva has a special section for this.This demonstration format is convenient for recording courses, marathons, video tutorials.Click on three points in the upper right corner, select the “Presentation and Recording” option.Set the microphone and camera and click "Start recording."

How to hold a present air presentation

In 2021, Canva launched a new option - the opportunity to conduct presentations on the air.You can go on the air from the speaker mode.Invite your audience to visit the site and send the code so that the audience can join and ask real -time questions.The chat and questions of the audience will be displayed only in the speaker window.

Keep in mind: if you get out of the presentation presentation, the live broadcast will not be completed.This is useful when you need to show the audience something else in a different browser tab or in the application.To finish live broadcast, click “complete” while in the presentation mode.


The use of the template to prepare the presentation does not lead you to the “template” result.All tools to take the template as the basis, cast in recognition and present in the best possible way, in your hands.But this is not the main thing.The main thing: structure, meanings and author's feed.Focus on this.With details, as you see, everything is simple.

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