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Svetlana Simagina

One of the best new features in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 is the updated Safari browser. The browser interface has changed, and support for extensions has appeared, as on Mac. iOS 15 is now available for download by everyone. There are already enough extensions in the App Store, and below we will talk about the best of them.


1Password users will love the new Safari extension. The extension allows you to view your passwords directly in Safari and embed passwords on web pages. The extension can also automatically fill in two-step authentication codes. If you have an iPad, then 1Password will work just like on a desktop. The extension is displayed on the toolbar for quick access.


The Apollo for Reddit developer created the Amplosion extension. The extension redirects you to the original web page when you open an AMP link in Safari. The app also lets you track how often you visit AMP links, as well as how many times the Amplosion extension helped you avoid them.


The same developer created an extension that adds an HTML web inspector to Safari.


The CardPointers extension finds various promotional codes for online stores. The extension supports thousands of different websites. It will help you save money and also show you the best deals.


The Cheep app helps you find the cheapest flights. Now it has an extension for Safari. The extension will tell you whether the selected tickets are worth buying or if they are overpriced.

Web Inspector

This is a simple web inspector, similar to the inspector in Chrome on Mac. With this extension, you can view the code of pages and edit their elements, enter JavaScript code, view network requests, etc.

hyper web

The HyperWeb extension allows you to customize almost all elements of the Safari browser. You can block ads, enable search personalization, and redesign web pages. The app also picks up recommended improvements.

Language Translator by Mate

Лучшие расширения Safari для iOS 15 и iPadOS 15

Safari has a built-in translator, but the Language Translator extension takes translation to the next level. The extension can automatically translate websites from 40 languages ​​without your intervention. You can also highlight text for translation.


The Vidimote extension allows you to control video playback through the toolbar. You can change the video speed, rewind, switch modes, etc.

StopThe Madness

This extension allows you to manage the sites you post frequently. You can use features such as context menus, text editing, drag and drop, and autocomplete. The extension also protects your online privacy.


Honey is an extension that helps online shoppers save money.


This is another money saving extension. It notifies you which of your money cards is the most profitable to use.

CardPointe supports over 3,000 cash cards from 600 different banks.


Nobody likes pop-up ads and the 1Blocker extension can block them.

1Blocker has a free version, but the paid version activates all available features.


Grammarly is a famous word processing tool. The extension finds errors in your text in real time. The paid version also supports the following features:

The Grammarly extension automatically starts working when you type and corrects your mistakes.

Microsoft Translator

Safari has a built-in translator, but it has a limited number of supported languages. You can't say the same about Microsoft Translator. It is a free user-friendly translator with support for over 70 languages. With the help of the extension, you can easily and quickly translate any site.


Pocket is one of the best bookmark extensions. You can save news, articles, recipes and web pages to read later. There are free and paid options.

Hush Nag Blocker

If you're looking for the best ad blocking extension, this is it.

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