How to clean the list of "watch later" in YouTube

YouTube has long ceased to be something rare.In addition to the fact that now it is the most visited and popular hosting in the world, which has become a means of making huge money for many, it is also a source of information.A huge share of users looks at YouTube at least 1-2 videos per day.At the same time, he has new tools to attract new users.One of them is not a new, but convenient tool ”to watch later..Often there is simply no time to watch everything that falls into the selection.With this tool, you can simply postpone the video and see when there will be time.Only there too much garbage is accumulated, which must be removed.I'll tell you how to do it.

There are tools in YouTube, which not everyone knows about.


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  • Delete the video and "watch later"

    Removing video on the phone

    You can delete a video from this list one at a time.To do this, go to the page of the list “look later” and click on three points to the right of the name of the video.There will be a point "remove from the playlist to look later".Click on it and the video will no longer occupy a place in the list.

    Similarly, the video is deleted on the smartphone.Open the list, press three points and delete it.You can also remove it with a swipe to the left - this is more convenient, as it is done in one gesture.

    Deleting one video is easy.

    Removing watched video on YouTube

    This procedure will delete only those videos that you really watched, which is its important plus.If you have not watched the video, it will remain on your list, because you saved it for some reason.

    You can do this both on the YouTube website, and in the application of the same name on the phone.The methods are almost the same, but consider them separately.

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    Cleaning the list "See later" on the computer

    Open the YouTube website and make sure that you entered the systems.If you do not have a side menu openly, do this by pressing three strips in the upper left corner.In the menu opened, select "See later".

    Sometimes this menu is hidden.

    Now it remains only to click on three points under the picture of the main video in the left side of the screen.Your profile name will also be indicated there, and next to three points there will be an mixing icon that will allow you to play the video in random order, and not in the order of adding to the playlist.

    In one click you can delete all extra videos.

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    By clicking on these three points, you will see a pop -up menu in which you can add a video, delete the viewed, or show inaccessible.Choose what you need if you want to do something else except removal.

    Also, the video in this playlist can be mixed manually.It is enough to simply pull it by the three strips to the left of the name of the video and put it in the right place.

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    Cleaning the list "See later" in YouTube on the phones

    On your smartphone, the procedure is even easier.Just open the YouTube application.You will fall on the main screen, but you will need to open the section "Library".The corresponding icon will be in the lower right corner.

    Screenshots with iPhone to show that the principle is the same on all platforms.

    Going there, select “look later” and get on the same list that can be seen by going to the site from a computer.Governing bodies will be the same.

    If you want to delete only one video, then, as I wrote above, you need to click on three points to the right of the name of the video and select “Delete”, or make it with a swipe by the name of the video.If you want to change the reproduction sequence, there are three strips to the left of the video name for this.Just tape them and pull the video where you need.

    And again everything is very simple.

    If you want to delete all the watches watched, click on three points in the upper right corner of the screen.You will have a pop -up menu in which the main items will be, including the removal of the watches watched.But you need to keep in mind that if you have only unenvisable videos in the playlist, then the point of "delete the viewed" simply will not be.

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    How to postpone a video to YouTube to watch later

    You can postpone the video for viewing later in literally one click.To do this, you need to put the cursor on a miniature video on the computer and click on the image of the watch in its right upper part.So you can even open the video, just postpone it.If you have already opened it, you need to click on the “Save” button under the video and add it to the desired playlist, in particular “watch later”.

    If you do this from the phone, in the pre -examination mode you need to click on three three points for the video and select “look later” or “Add to the playlist” and select the right.All playlists will already be here, including the deferred viewing.If you have already opened the video, then the icon "save" will be under it.Further, it will be necessary to put him in the desired playlist again.

    You can do it differently.

    Playlists in YouTube

    You need to understand that the playlist “watch later” is an ordinary playlist.It has nothing unusual and especially.The only thing that selects it against the background of others is the ability to set a video into it in one click without choosing a playlist.

    Further to the video, the rules of ordinary playlists are applied.They can be watched sequentially, mixed or one at a time.Also, the video that are added to one playlist can be in another if you need this.