How to install apk files on android correctly

Probably, all Android users know what APK is. These are installation files of applications that can be downloaded directly bypassing Google Play. Such an opportunity can be useful in various situations. For example, if the desired application is not in the official catalog, it is not supported by your device or you just need an earlier version. Then we just find APK, download it and install it manually. Another thing is that this method is both long and unsafe, given that often the origin of installation files for us remains unknown. But there is a solution to these problems.

Aurora is a very convenient installer of APK files

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To begin with, I propose to disassemble with the shortcomings of the APK manual installation on Android.Because many consider this method to be absolutely harmless and even find it convenient, but this is not quite so for several reasons:

How to install applications on Huawei

Aurora is perfect for users Huawei and Honor

Another thing is that some users have no other options, except how to download applications in the form of APK files for their own devices.For example, Huawei and Honor smartphones have such a need without Google services.They cannot use Google Play, and in Appgallery there is no good part of the software.Therefore, they use APK because this is the only way to get the right application.

However, I know how to simplify the life of those who, for some reason, do not want or cannot use Google Play.This is Aurora.

Как правильно устанавливать APK-файлы на Андроид

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Aurora is the installer of APK files of applications from Google Play.In fact, it is a mirror of an official catalog for a number of several exceptions:

APK files installer download

I like the Aurora interface more than Google Play

In fact, Aurora is a more open and safe analogue of Google Play.Open - because anyone can use it, regardless of whether your smartphone is certified by Google or not.And safe - because Aurora does not save the download history and does not transmit it to Google, so that the search giant will not be able to use this data in the formation of your virtual portrait and use it in advertising.

To install Aurora, you will need:

Aurora will require 3 resolutions after installation

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Aurora has a very convenient and understandable interface that you will not even have to deal with.Frankly, I like him even more than Google Play, which looks like an overloaded visual elements.Here it is enough just to press the search button, score the name of the desired application, and then download it to your device and confirm the installation.

The application will be established, regardless of the restrictions acting in Google Play.Another thing is that in some cases they may not earn if the application is written for specific iron, as, for example, in the case of Google Camera.For her, as you know, you need a Qualcomm processor, so installing the GKA on Huawei or Honor, unfortunately, it will not work because of the "stones" of Hisilicon Kirin.