How to recover deleted messages in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is an extremely illogical messenger. At least for those who have ever used Telegram. I don’t know what its developers were guided by, but many functions and interface elements in WhatsApp seem to be specially designed so that a minimum number of users understand them. Take at least end-to-end encryption, even editing and deleting messages, even restoring backups - in any case, you will have a lot of questions. Well, who better than us to give answers to them?

You can recover deleted messages in WhatsApp, but with a number of reservations

Неправильная дата и время в WhatsApp. Что делать

It is ironic that one of the most popular questions in our telegram chat is: “How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages?”. It would seem that where is Telegram, and where is WhatsApp ... But, apparently, users themselves understand that they are unlikely to be able to find the answer to their question on WhatsApp, but here at least there is a chance that they will help you. In general, it is.

How to get back a deleted message in WhatsApp

I suggest starting with the fact that WhatsApp messages are deleted in two ways. The first method (I talked about it in this article) involves direct deletion by the sender himself, who can do this only in the first hour after sending. And the second is to automatically delete all your chats when you reinstall the application, when you move to a new smartphone, or when you change the phone number to which the account is linked.

If the message is deleted by the sender himself, there is usually no way to restore it. Unless you have time to make a backup copy before he decides to delete it. Therefore, if you suspect that the message that was sent to you may be deleted, do the following:

Back up before deleting a message so you can restore it

Как в Ватсапе восстановить удалённую переписку

Вашу учетную запись WhatsApp могут заблокировать без вашего ведома

Now, if your interlocutor decides to delete some of his messages and you notice this, you will have the opportunity to return it by restoring the backup. Since the copy was saved when the deleted message was not yet deleted, when it is restored, it will also be restored. Another thing is that it is usually not possible to predict in advance that the interlocutor will decide to delete something from what he wrote, unless you have some particularly strong premonition.

How to restore whatsapp backup

Much easier things are with the restoration of the entire correspondence, which is deleted when you reinstall the application or change the device. Oddly enough, the technique here is about the same, only you don’t have to predict anything in advance. The main thing is to set up automatic backup in advance by linking Google Drive storage to your WhatsApp account if you have Android, and iCloud if iOS.

You can only restore a WhatsApp backup if you reinstall the application

Код безопасности изменился в WhatsApp. Что делать

It is very important to enable automatic backup in advance so that you can restore all your correspondence if you suddenly need it. By default, backups include text messages, voice messages, photos, but not videos. This is done to save space in the cloud. But if you want, you can enable saving videos if you think they are important to you, or if you have an active Google Drive subscription.