How to restore a backup on Android

On Android, backup is not as developed as iOS.If Apple at all times recommended that owners of branded equipment save their devices on iTunes or iCloud, then Google never really insisted on the convenience of such manipulations.This is quite strange, given that it was Android users that have undergone the greatest risk of data loss, since they kept flashing and reviewing their smartphones.Therefore, it is not surprising that many simply do not know how to create and restore backup copies.

Backup on Android is already arranged no worse than on iOS

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To begin with the fact that many Android smartphones support two backup services..If on iOS it can only be iCloud, then on Android this is Google Drive and the manufacturer's own cloud storage.Moreover, often many choose a built-in solution due to deeper integration with firmware and automatic work.But, running ahead, I will say that I myself prefer the decision of the search giant.It seems to me more preferable thanks to an extensive vault in the cloud.

How to save a backup on Android

Google Drive works extremely simple and on the machine.

It is most convenient to control with backup copies through the Google One application

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Как восстановить резервную копию на Android

This action will lead to the preservation of the backup with the data that you choose.It can only be photos and videos, only messages or generally all the information stored in the memory of the device.Even if you choose the conservation of all data, the size of the backup, most likely, will not exceed 2 GB.This is convenient, given that the free volume of storage in Google Drive (Google One works on its base) is limited to 15 GB.And for the convenience of users, each fresh backup replaces the previous.

Restore Android data

Restoring a backup is not less simple, although not for everyone it is obvious:

You can restore data from Google Drive with the initial setting of Android

How to restore a backup of Huawei

In the case of Huawei smartphones, everything happens according to a similar scenario.If you did not force anything forcibly, then by default the firmware should be activated by the mechanism of autosas for backups of backup copies.Therefore, we will analyze only the possibility of forced data recovery, which is clearly more useful.

Huawei backup is more logical than Google

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Despite the fact that the solution that Huawei offers is more convenient, since it is not necessary to discard the settings on the smartphone and restart it, Google One saves more data.If only the data of several applications can be downloaded to the Huawei cloud - WhatsApp and Telegram - then the data of all installed programs are loaded into the Google cloud..And due to deep integration with other Google, Google One services, only the so-called "anchors" of applications (keywords), saving space, allows itself to save.