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“This is not just a means to view content.Smart screens now-the central element of the smart home ”: the leaders of SberDevices and Huawei answer questions about the smart screen Vision S

In early June, Huawei introduced in Russia a smart screen of Vision S with Harmonyos 2.0 and “Salute TV” on board.About what place the novelty will take in the assortment of the technohigant, we talked to its current and future opportunities with Ksenia Sazonova, the director of work with key customers of Huawei in Russia, and Denis Filippov, CTO SberDevices.

You call Huawei Vision S a device that sets a tendency for future television products.Can you describe this trend with words?

K. S.: This is not just a means to view content.Smart screens are now a central element of a smart home, which provides comfortable experience in various scenarios.Ordering food, an appointment with a doctor, listening to music in ideal quality is only a small part of what a new generation of large screens should perform.They should work in conjunction with all smart devices in the house, turning space into an intellectual ecosystem.

You call it a "smart screen."And what is the difference from what is commonly called smart TVs?

K. S.: With the new HarmonyOS operating system, the Huawei smart screen can realize many new intellectual functions.We highlight the video calls among them, which can be transferred to a smartphone and vice versa, voice assistants and artificial intelligence, as well as joint work with several devices and other aspects that provide a lot of innovative, interesting and convenient interactive functions.

In addition, in the market of traditional smart televisors, the main attention is paid to the quality of the image, a distinctive feature of Huawei Vision S is also high-level audio.As a result, an amazing image and sound quality that give the effect of complete immersion.

Does Huawei Vision S have a feature that no competitors have any smart TV?

K. S.: In Huawei Vision S, a magnetic camera with AI and a wide viewing angle appeared, which can be mounted and set up.Thanks to the resolution of 13 megapixels, you can make video calls and take pictures.A distinctive feature of the camera is a smooth image of the image.Huawei Vision S supports not only work with mobile phones, but also video calls between smart screens, tablets and brand hours.

Another superfunction is to control a smart screen through a smartphone by a mirror display of a smartphone or tablet screen.Thus, you can directly use the interface of the main device.At this time, you can use the function of a mobile phone touch screen to control any content on a smart screen.It is cool and convenient.

Harmonyos has its own shell.Will a salute of TV be replaced by Vision S in Russia?Will it be possible to remove the TV salute?

D.F .: Salute is a system application, it does not replace the Harmonyos operating system, but as if located nearby.It is impossible to remove the salute, but this makes no sense, because it complements the wide functionality of the device itself, providing the possibility of voice control of many functions and applications.

Will the Huawei (Appgallery?) Supply in Russian Vision S remains in Russian Vision S, or everything that will remain at the user's disposal - SBERMARKET?Will it be possible to install applications for Android TV?

K. S.: Yes, it will remain.You can install applications from Appgallery.

What smart screen functions will be available only with Huawei smartphones/tablets?Will any of the features be available only with a mobile device on Harmonyos?

K. S.: Harmony OS on the Huawei smart screen can implement joint work with several devices, for example, the projection of the screen of the main OneHop device.Or instant transfer of Huawei Share files.You can currently use this function between Huawei devices.The transmission speed is quite high and there is no need on the Wi-Fi network.File transfer is possible in both directions.

For video calls, Huawei Vision S was originally used by the Meetime service.Will it not be available in Russia?Will Telegram be used for video calls?Is it possible to somehow install and use other popular video call services and video conferences?

«Это уже не просто средство для просмотра контента. Смарт-экраны теперь — центральный элемент умного дома»: руководители SberDevices и Huawei отвечают на вопросы об умном экране Vision S

K. S.: Thanks to the salute, it became possible to make video calls on Huawei Vision S through Telegram.

Huawei smartphones also will soon be able to use the Meetime company service, with which you can switch the call from the smartphone directly to the large screen.In Russia, the service is already adapted for Huawei Vision Si will soon appear on brand smartphones.

How did you manage YouTube?Is this some kind of program wrapper of a web version, and not the YouTube application?

D.F.: Through the salute, the user can use this application.

The capabilities of the assistant salute in the Vision S completely repeat its capabilities in other devices, or are it cut, or expanded?

D.F .: Salute takes into account the technical capabilities of Huawei Vision S and displays the skills available to it. So, for example, thanks to the salute and camera on the smart screen, you can make video calls. Now they work through the Telegram application, and very soon Jazz by Sber will appear in the catalog, this is our own service for video conferences. With it you can arrange a meeting for 100 people without time limit. Even with salute, you can watch videos on the Internet, films, series, listen to music, even order products. Management can be fully implemented using voice commands, and interaction with a smart screen becomes easier and more convenient.

Does the salute "listen" always?Can it be called at any time?Does the screen work with the screen?Is it possible to manage a smart house of Sber when the device is turned off, for example, go into the house and ask to turn on the light, not including the smart screen itself?

D.F. For example, users can use vocal commands to look for content on YouTube, use OKKO streaming services to watch films and Sbership, through which you can listen to music. Through the application of the products of products integrated with the catalog of the quick delivery service, you can order products, there is even a smartap for cooking superhefs with step -by -step video receptives. There are also many games, and the Sberplay cloud gaming service will soon become available, which allows you to launch well -known studios on the smart screen, and even a phone can be used as a gamepad.

Applications are not only ecosystemic, external services are also available to users, for example, S7 and "coffee machine".Also, any developer can create an application or skill for the assistant on our Smartmarket platform, and it will appear in the catalog.There are more and more applications every day, and thousands of developers have already connected to the Smartmarket community.

In addition, thanks to SberDevices search technologies, salut assistants are able to look for answers to various questions, and our partnership with MS Bing significantly expands search capabilities and allows you to search for various sources on the Internet, beyond the scope of the Sberbank ecosystems.

Can a salute look for content only in the Sberbank ecosystem, or Harmonyos and its capabilities will make it possible to make a through search in all sources, including, for example, YouTube and third -party streaming films?Is it planned to add control of some more subtle settings, for example, the functions of improving the picture and sound, switching the profile (cinema, game, etc.)?

D.F.We want the voice to fully control the device - turn on and off it, switch video inputs and so on.We are actively working with the Huawei team to ensure that the capabilities of voice management are expanding.

Are financial transactions available through the fireworks on Vision S?If so, how safe is it?Is there any confirmation of a disposable code or just a button in the application on a smartphone?

D.F.: At the moment, banking skills are not available.In the future, we plan to add them.Of course, we care about security: not a single payment operation will be performed without authorization by the user from his personal device.