Sales of the Nokia 6310 phone began in Russia

The Nokia 6310 is an updated version of the legendary Nokia 6310 Originals phone with all modern features. This feature phone has a large 2.8” rounded screen. The phone has a special mode that allows you not to strain your eyes - the menu displays one large icon, larger fonts are used, and the volume becomes maximum.

Nokia 6310 is a phone designed not only for communication, but also for entertainment. Play Snake, listen to music, news and sports broadcasts - FM radio works great with or without headphones. A flashlight will illuminate the way in the dark.

Battery Nokia 6310 is designed for 19.45 hours of talk time and holds a charge up to 21.7 days in standby mode. The quality polycarbonate housing is ready for continuous use and easily withstands everyday testing.

В России начались продажи телефона Nokia 6310

The Nokia 6310 phone is available for purchase at the branded online store and partner stores in two colors - green and black - at an estimated retail price of 4,490 rubles.