Ways to restore correspondence remote in instant messengers

Удалить, чтобы восстановить

Журналист The Sun Гарри Петтит выяснил, что удаленные сообщения в WhatsApp не исчезают навсегда. Есть способ прочитать их как на iPhone, так и на смартфонах на Android.

Messages in WhatsApp can be removed from both individual and group chats, but correspondence continues to be stored in the phone’s memory and can be restored using the backup function.

According to the publication, the tool performs backup all messages at two in the morning every day.The user can even reduce the frequency of copying to a week or a month.

To read remote messages, you first need to delete WhatsApp, and then install the application from the official store - the AppStore or Google Play.

After opening the application and entering the account, the user will be given the opportunity to return chats from a backup copy.You just need to choose a recovery option, after which all the chats along with remote messages will be available again.They will be displayed as if they were not washed.

Of the advantages of this method, its officiality and “legality”.The recovery is provided by whatsApp itself and can be done at any time.Of the minuses is the need to delete the application and re -enter the account.

Восстановления в других мессенджерах

Since Telegram does not keep correspondence using constant backup, it will not work out to officially restore it.However, there are several options to circumvent these restrictions.

If the user was in the version for PC or browsers when removing messages, then it is worth turning on on the Avia -Region smartphone and go to the messenger.Theoretically, the full version of the correspondence can be preserved in the memory of the smartphone.To save it for a long time, you can take screenshots.

Another option is to periodically copy messages from correspondence to “Saved Messages”.Only the user has access to it and no one can delete messages from it except him.Even when removing the message, authorship will be preserved - nicknames and avatar will be displayed (if any).

Despite the lack of backup, Telegram has the possibility of exporting all data.This is carried out manually through the corresponding item in the "extended settings".

The function is available in the messenger version for computers.All data, including correspondence, can be saved in the form of a convenient HTML file for reading.

In the Viber messenger there is a backup function of correspondence and works similarly to WhatsApp - there are the same settings for the frequency of automatic copying.

Способы восстановить удаленные в мессенджерах переписки

Recovery is carried out in the same way as in the case of a competitor from META.There are several special conditions.For example, in Viber it is not yet possible to transfer data from Android devices to the iPhone even with the same telephone number.Copying on iOS will also be carried out only with Wi-Fi connected.

Another nuance - copying does not occur inside the Viber system, but with the help of a third -party cloud storage.

Thus, the messenger must be connected either to the Google disk or to Apple icloud.On Huawei smartphones for a backup without Google, you can use a Huawei disk.

In addition to WhatsApp, Mark Zuckerberg has a separate Facebook Messenger - specially created under the accounts of the social network of the same name.And unlike WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger does not have an automatic backup system.

The FB reference center assures that remote messages cannot be restored in any way.However, it will not be superfluous to check the folder with archived chats.Periodically, some chats may get into it by mistake.

Facebook Messenger also has an archive export function, being part of the social network.This method is similar to what Telegram offers.The user requests the archive by going to the point “Your Information on Facebook”, and then presses “Download Information”.

Простой и универсальный способ

Even without the use of backup, there are a number of third -party applications that offer to find remote messages in any messengers in the memory of a smartphone.Most often these are applications of the “Notification History) format.

They are currently available only on Google Play.On iOS, such applications in the official store can no longer be found, you will need unofficial firmware.

These applications retain all notifications that come to the phone, including all messages from users inside instant messengers.They can show all these notifications in chronological order with the possibility of choosing a specific application.

But these programs also have his own restrictions: the user must interact with the notification in order to save it and then read it, that is, it is necessary to make his swipe.

This is also an unreliable way due to the fact that the rebooting of the phone can reset the register of all notifications.Another huge minus is an unofficial solution, and such applications can be potentially dangerous.

For example, keep viruses or try to steal your personal data for sale.In this regard, the transfer of their messages to third -party companies should only be carried out if the information is not personal and does not affect working issues.