What kind of circle on the screen of the phone and how to remove it

Despite the fact that Android seems a much more complex operating system than iOS, it is quite simple to understand it.A day or two, and you will begin to feel as confident as possible, in a month or two you will gradually switch to alternative applications stores, and a year later, you will probably try yourself in customization.However, there are such superstructures in Android, which is not so easy to deal with even advanced users.In any case, this is evidenced by the frequency of the corresponding requests in Google.

The same circle looks something like this

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One of the features of Android, which cause a stupor in many users, is an incomprehensible circle on the screen.Usually it does not appear arbitrarily, but only after turning on the corresponding parameter, but in some cases - for example, when installing the update - it can be activated itself.We figure out what kind of circle it is, what function it performs as part of the Android operating system and how to remove it so that it does not call your eyes.

Home button on the Android screen

To begin with, this circle is a functional button, which is an alternative way to control the system.With its help, you can return one step back, go to the desktop, run the multitasking menu and perform other actions, which are usually performed either with stained keys or gestures.

The navigation button is not all smartphones in the firmware.But in the apparatus Huawei and Honor it is

By the way, there is exactly the same button on iOS.True, on Android I personally like it more because of a wider range of opportunities.Unlike Apple, Google developers made it so that you can not only press the button, but also use it as a virtual joystick.Thus, she perceives pressing, and retaining, and swipe.

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Such a button, in principle, is quite convenient for users who can not master Android gestures in any way - and among the elderly this is a fairly common practice, as well as for those who cannot get used to three/four buttons under the screen and either confuses them, or allows themRandom clicks.In this case, a single universal button can be an excellent solution, especially since it can be combined with other control methods.

How to remove a circle on the Android screen

You can turn off this cinema button easily and just in the settings:

You can disable the navigation button in the settings

I don’t know how you are, but the Android management is not suitable for the navigation button.I have long been accustomed to the use of swamps, which quite easily forgive all kinds of mistakes and inaccuracies.Gestures are very good in that they allow you to control the system with rather sweeping movements.I can swap from the bottom of the screen to the upper one, or I can interrupt the gesture without reaching the middle.I can go back a step back with a swipe from both the left and the right edge of the screen.In general, very convenient.

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The navigation button, firstly, is too small so that it is convenient to get on it if you have not used the same button on iOS, and, secondly, the gesture of calling the multitasking menu that it offers is too short to make it too shortIt could be called convenient.It is more comfortable for me with my fingers to be able to pull it up to half the screen or further.Well, you choose what you like.