Than new phones will surprise us in the near future

When buying a phone, we pay attention to its capabilities.Everyone chooses something of their own, but the vast majority of users are unlikely to buy a device that shoots photos and videos worse than other models for comparable money.Moreover, if the smartphone is good and there will be a normal Pro-mode in it, such a ligament can completely replace a full-fledged camera even sophisticated in photography.To thank new sensors, software processing, and even optical schemes leading to bulging cameras for this.All this will have a significant impact on the photo market.And that’s what awaits us next.

Of course it won't, but something interesting is waiting for us.


What should be in the phone chamber

The camera race led to the fact that we practically reached the maximum in this matter, at least until new sensors for smartphones are developed.That is why, on the issue of creating photographs, even flagships can hardly improve something, no matter how they told the presentations that everything changed.But the video can really become a new "battlefield".Even the presentation of iPhone 13 gave us a clear signal that now we are moving towards improving the video.

The days have passed when we had to use a compact camera to record how our children play or how a friend at a party drinks five cocktails at a dispute.Instead, the compact camera lives in every pocket or bag and instantly starts to move when the first necessity.And although we have phones such as Galaxy S21 Ultra, which can record 8k video until this is the most worthwhile function.

How iPhone 13 harms Android smartphones.

User video hosting is very popular now..Simply put, YouTube, Tiktok and the like.Anyone can shoot anything, download it to the network and get its five minutes of fame or six months of shame.There is no doubt that in the near future the trend will not change.

Video services are now on an unprecedented rise.

The disadvantages of the phone camera

The problem of Android telephones is that for many years they have not learned to normally shoot video in 4K.There is such a function and often even the picture turns out to be very pleasant, but many models are very warm and turn off the recording in a few minutes.Not all, but definitely more than half of those with whom I dealt.Especially if the 4K recording function is not made nominally, and the device really shoots a video with a normal bitrate.

Only the main models can be called Google Pixel 5a, OnePlus 9 Pro, Galaxy S21 Ultra and some others.This is partly to blame for the Snapdragon 888, which overheats in this mode, but the problem was before.I remember how I literally got Huawei Mate 40 Pro after five minutes of recording in 4K 30FPS.So, the chip model does not matter much.

If people have money, they buy iPhone.Here is the proof.

Than iPhone is better android

Чем новые телефоны будут удивлять нас в ближайшее время

Many will now say that I will be foreseen, but objectively, only the iPhone managed to avoid this unpleasant feature.I often shoot the video and I never had the same that the camera turned off, and the phone was critically heated.For example, not so long ago I shot 4K 60FPS on the iPhone 12 Pro for 25 minutes and everything was fine.Whatever you say, but the specially designed Apple chip withstands such a load better than other devices, which means that it is the iPhone is currently best suited for video recording.And in terms of quality of the picture it is not the best, then exactly in the top three.

The iPhone Pro version is perfectly removed.Regardless of generation.

People who are versed in photography and video understand that loud headlines about cameras with a resolution of 108 MP or even 200 MP, which should be released very soon, are not a guarantee of quality.Firstly, this is not always honest resolution, and secondly, 12 megapixels are more than enough for ordinary amateur content.In support of my words, we can say that professional cameras are not made with such a great resolution, which means that there are reasons for this.

What is the Apple Prores good

At the beginning, I said that Apple this year gave a signal by making a cinematic mode available in the iPhone 13 series.And her camera can shoot in prores.For the quality of video and further processing, this is much more important than 100,500 megapixels that do not give any practical benefit.

Let the iPhone camera stick out, but it takes off perfectly.

Apple Prores codecs provide an unprecedented combination of multi -passing, performance, real -time editing, impressive image quality and reduced storage rate.Prores codecs fully use the possibilities of multi -core processing and support rapid decoding modes with high resolution.

The main advantage of recording using Apple Prores is that formatting will save more details in the video file.In most cases, the video on mobile devices are compressed.The quality not only suffers from this, but further processing becomes almost impossible (except for simple "cuts").

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PRORES disadvantages

However, the PRORES format is not devoid of shortcomings.Recording only one minute of the video takes 6 GB.This is definitely not for every day, but in some cases you can choose it, especially if you planned to use your iPhone to regularly record video.

Manufacturers of Android telephones are forced to copy some solutions from Apple.All due to the fact that they have higher competition and they cannot risk.

All this suggests that the world of Android most likely wants to beat Apple on this field, and now the main rivalry will unfold precisely in the issue of video.Perhaps the first swallow will be the Pixel 6 Pro with the Google Tensor processor, which will take on all the hard work.It's too early to talk about it, but the trend can be traced quite clearly.

In the meantime, the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max will remain the best smartphones for video recording.This is even a little disappointing, given how many manufacturers make phones on Android.Perhaps they just look at each other too much and do not dare to stand out.For Apple, this does not matter - it lives in its world - which means that it can experiment and often sets trends.This is not bad and not good - this is a fact.