Why are we ourselves to blame for the fact that we only have Apple and Google

We are all familiar with the word “monopoly”, and it makes no sense to explain what it is. But there is also such a thing as “duopoly”, which indicates a situation in which two suppliers dominate the market or service market. Such a word is not often found, but this is what we are now observing in the mobile market. We have Apple and Google - two powerful forces that fight each other with varying success. It is quite difficult to argue with this. They provide their software with almost all phones in the world with the rare exception that can be neglected. Agree, even the coolest iPhone 13 Pro Max or Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 without software is just a piece of technological garbage. But we ourselves are to blame for what we got.

There are no alternatives.


Is it bad when there is no competition

In almost all cases, duopoli is very bad.Often it is even worse than a pure monopoly.This limits the choice of consumers, enables the controlling parties to enter into a conspiracy and form the market in their favor, and also leads to an increase in prices.

The days of buying a good phone on Windows for $ 150 have passed forever and will never return. Even the timid attempts by Huawei with her Harmony OS hardly grow into something more, although I want to believe that the company will shoot. But we sought for a long time so that there were no other players in this market, and won. And some still try to lead to ensure that we have one Software supplier. To do this, it is enough to read the comments in which in such a rude form the wishes of Apple are expressed to stop releasing smartphones that their authors have to ban.

Unfortunately, it never went.

We want uniformity and constantly choose the same thing as we would not like to prove the opposite.We want from year to year we have one familiar OS on all devices.That is why we have only two large software manufacturers.

iPhone or Android

For many, the first smartphone was an iPhone or Android phone.And these people may seem mad that other really good smartphone operating systems existed before iOS and Android.Both Blackberry and Windows Mobile had periods when they sought more success than other brands.Nevertheless, none of the first operating systems had gained enough fans to force the developers and to continue to engage in them.

How to include Android protection against IOS application.

Now we have nostalgic users who are reluctant to pick up their iPhone or Android smartphones, mourning the loss of competition.There are those who are glad of almost complete unification.As usual, both groups are both right, and are mistaken at the same time.

Luck is also important, and Google or Apple was lucky for a reason.Marketing, strategic partnerships with operators and loyalty to the brand - all this played a big role.But even this is not always enough, as we see on the example of the phones from Amazon and Facebook.Someone had to “win the war of applications”, and not a single factor could guarantee victory.Add a little good luck to the right decisions made by Apple, and you will come again and again to the point that we are today.

Not everyone likes iOS, but she also has good solutions.

Is the application store important

Почему мы сами виноваты в том, что у нас есть только Apple и Google

“War of applications” really played a big role, from my point of view.You may disagree, but I am convinced that the advantage of Android and iOS over Windows Phone and other claims is in the application store.Simplicity of use, safety or even functionality cannot be compared with the ability to download the bank application, playing Angry Birds or an excellent client for YouTube.And these are also customer requirements and those very Wishlist with you that change the market most.

If you are developing the application today, you want to make it accessible both for Android and iOS, because in most cases you do this with the aim of earnings.You understand that you will receive more money if your application is available to a large number of people.It is logical that the investment of forces and means in creating a version for a platform with a ten -fold number of users is irrelevant?

The main functions of Android, which are best turned off at once.

This means that fewer applications - fewer customers - fewer applications - fewer customers.And so on.At each turn it will be a descending spiral, and such a platform will simply end in its existence.As they say, "For whom?"You, as a developer, will go to Appel and Google, who, let it need to pay a large commission, but you can make money there more.Hence the growth of popularity.

Creating the best smartphone with the best applications at a better price is the main goal that is almost impossible to achieve. Perhaps fines, changes in laws or ensuring competition would help to solve the problem, but to crush too much, it will turn out that many people in our country very much in our country, when all sorts of support are provided to local manufacturers, and buyers still choose foreign products. And although such a blind approach, which does not give a chance to internal market players, I do not like it, but such an example describes the situation well.

Now there are only two full -fledged operating systems for smartphones.

Apple and Google will be fined, new manufacturers will still not appear, and we simply pay for the expenses of giants for these fines.The creation of a new platform, even with the complete absence of resistance from Google and Apple, is years of labor and negotiations with developers, billions of dollars and only ghostly chances of success.Few people want to contact this.

The cool functions of Android 12, which should appear in iOS 16.

Why there are only two operating systems for smartphones

Manufacturers can be understood.Suppose you made a good phone and you have a choice: to make it on Android or on an unknown platform with which no one will buy it.Your choice has not yet been foreseen for the development stage and its future buyers have determined.

As you can see, it is we, buyers, we vote by the ruble/dollar/euro for that we have only two, or even less suppliers.Hence the increase in prices and a decrease in the pace of the emergence of new ideas.You can deal with this as much as you like, but in this situation you and I are to blame.Although at first the connection may not seem so obvious.