Android 12 was installed on the Samsung smartphone 10 years ago

Phones 03 January at 16: 521 min.Of course, an unofficial developer was able to install the latest Android 12 operating system on the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone 10 years ago.And this is impressive, because the device is significantly inferior to modern models in performance.

The Galaxy S3 operates on the Exynos 4412 processor. The developer managed to install an unofficial assembly of Lineageos 19.0 on this smartphone, which is based on Android 12.

Apparently, the operating system "got up" correctly.The smartphone has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, camera and radio.Even videos are played.However, there are bugs, in particular with unlocking on PIN, NFC and Microsd.An attempt to format an external storage leads to a reboot.

Android 12 установили на смартфон Samsung 10-летней давности

Recently, the host Rozetked said that the experience of using Android 12 was not the most positive.While the system looks damp.

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