The alarm clock does not turn off on Android.What to do

Who was faced with the fact that the alarm clock did not rise on time or did not rain at all?Yes, perhaps that everyone.You slept because of this or got up on time yourself-it is not so important.It is important that you most likely could no longer rely on one alarm clock after that and began to put two - preferably on different devices.However, as it turned out, there is another, exactly opposite problem.It consists in the fact that the work -up alarm simply refuses to turn off, no matter what you do.Let's try to figure out what kind of problem is, where did it come from and how to overcome it.

The alarm clock does not turn off?It happens

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A problem that does not give the alarm disconnect when necessary - in fact, is not one.A lot of them.And they all depend on different factors that may not be close to each other.Therefore, we will give only the most common reasons why the alarm clock may not be disconnected, and the ways to eliminate them.


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  • Why the alarm clock does not turn off

    If the alarm clock does not turn off, perhaps the reason is that the smartphone is just hanging

    The first reason why the alarm clock does not turn off is a banal freezing of a smartphone.In this case, the most effective solution will be the simplest - rebooting.Squeeze the power button for a few seconds and continue to hold it until the shutdown screen appears.

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    It is highly likely that already at this stage the alarm clocks, but if this does not happen, select “reboot” or “disconnecting”, depending on the available options.Stopping power supply to the processor and the ranger will unload the alarm and is guaranteed to disconnect it.

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    The second reason is not a smartphone, but an alarm application.And it doesn't matter which alarm clock you use: full -time or third -party.For most applications, the decision will be identical, although there are exceptions, but we will talk about them and ways to solve their problems below.

    In a situation, if the alarm does not shut down to press the button on the screen or pile, requiring a forced shutdown, perhaps the matter is in it.In such cases, I recommend cleaning the application cache, because, highly, one of the updates could bring down its settings:

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    Often cleaning the cache really helps

    As a rule, the reset of the application cache on android can help if the previous update is established incorrectly.This is a fairly common problem that is solved in this way.Of course, there is no guarantee that the problem will not happen again, but it is highly likely that for some time, cleaning fast data will eliminate it.

    I can't turn off the alarm clock

    The Google Play has a full full application of an alarm clock for Android, which are guaranteed to be guaranteed to wake the user at a strictly set time.To do this, they go to different tricks.One of the most common ways is to make you get up and take some action.

    Some alarms require a specific action to disconnect

    My colleague Artyom Rakhmatullin has already talked about one of these alarm clocks that he himself uses.In his case, the application demands that he get out of bed, go out into the entrance and photograph a predetermined object.If this is not done, the alarm signal will not turn off.

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    If you use something similar, I recommend that you accurately fulfilled its requirement.For example, they took a photo under the right angle.And maybe your alarm clock is repelled from the geopolitic, and it needs access to GPS.In general, carefully study his requirements.

    How to delete the default application

    Well, as the last, but most effective means of turning off the alarm clock, which flatly refuses to turn off, I recommend removing the corresponding application.If we are talking about a third -party decision, there will be no problems with this.Another thing is if the alarm clock is full.

    If you use the default a pre -installed solution, you will need not only to remove it, but what to stop, because, as a rule, regular software cannot be erased just like that.However, there are no problems in order to stop its action by and large either.

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    If the application does not work normally, it can be turned off

    However, be careful: it is possible that the full -time application "Watch", which the smartphone uses by default, can be deeply integrated with the rest of the system.Therefore, its stop can lead to the fact that the smartphone will not be able to correctly calculate the time, which in turn will lead to a malfunction in the work of other functions.