New photos of the folding flagship Huawei P50 Pocket on the eve of the announcement

Phones December 19, 2021 at 09: 531 min.The device looks, of course, very unusual Huawei prepares a large presentation next week - December 23.As part of the event, we will find many interesting announcements, including the new folding smartphone of the company.

It is already known that the device will be called Huawei P50 Pocket.At the same time, unlike another line-Huawei Mate-the new one will have a folding factor.Simple devices are already produced by Samsung (Galaxy Z Flip) and Motorola (Razr).

And now, shortly before the presentation, Huawei posted a quality photo on which you can see the design of a smartphone.The most attention in the picture is attracted by the block of the main camera.

Новые фото складного флагмана Huawei P50 Pocket накануне анонса

At the same time, the characteristics of the Huawei P50 Pocket also surfaced on the network.Apparently, the phone will receive the main 6.85-inch display.An additional screen on the outer part will be noticeably smaller - only 1 inch.

The main camera will be triple: for 50, 13 and 8 megapixels.The device will be based on the chip Kirin 9000 or Snapdragon 888 4G.

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