One of the Samsung Galaxy S22 may get a very unusual case

When Samsung abandoned the use of glass on the back of its phones (even flagship ones), many breathed a sigh of relief, they say, now they won’t break if they fall. Others, on the contrary, were offended by the company's decision. “How is that possible? A smartphone costs 100,000 rubles, and its body is like that of the most budgetary Xiaomi, ”they were indignant. Indeed, glass is a premium material. It both feels and looks very different from plastic, and not even like “glastic”, as Samsung called its material. Now, after some time, we seem to get the body that many have been waiting for. Or not?

Renders have been trying to show us what the new phone will look like for a long time, but now we have a photo as well.


What will be the Samsung Galaxy S22

A well-known leaker revealed that the texture of the back cover of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is neither glass nor plastic, and could be a bio-based material. This will be something new. Let such material not become premium in the usual sense of the word, but it can become it from a technological point of view, which is also quite interesting. At least it's something new.

The information comes from Ice Universe, known for its - often very accurate - forecasts. This time, he said that the source of the information was "people familiar with the matter." The exact back panel material seems to be unclear at this point, but Ice Universe suspects it could have been camouflage glass or even an entirely new material, possibly bio-based.

Tweet Ice Universe

What is a body made of biomaterials

This term probably means some kind of environmentally friendly or recyclable material. Realme appears to be following a similar path with its Realme GT2 flagship, which will use the industry's first environmentally-focused paper material, so it's possible that both phones will feature the same backs.

However, live images of the S22 Ultra have been previously claimed which, if true, show a phone with a matte finish not too dissimilar to that found on the S21 Ultra. But Ice Universe's tweet is about the texture or feel of the phone, not its looks.

Один из Samsung Galaxy S22 может получить очень необычный корпус

The presentation will take place very soon, which means that the leaks can already be trusted.

Will the new Samsung be different from the old ones?

A comment under the same tweet further reveals that this new material will only be featured on the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the regular S22 and S22+ models won't ship with it. The question is what material they will receive. There are two options: glass, from which we have already weaned, or plastic, which was last year. The latter option is more likely.

I used both glass and plastic Samsung phones of different models. Initially, I was critical of the plastic case, but then softened my attitude towards it a little after using the Samsung Galaxy S21 for a month. In this phone, everything was so harmonious that this type of case almost did not cause me rejection.

Samsung has learned how to make plastic look like glass. But it's still not glass.

What will happen instead of Samsung Galaxy Note

As for the flagship phone itself, there are rumors that it could be rebranded as the Galaxy S22 Note, which would be a timely successor to the Note 20 Ultra. It really would make sense, because last year it received support for the main feature of the Note series - the S Pen. If the idea gets a sequel this year and the Note is no longer produced, a line merger looks very likely.

And taking into account the fact that foldable phones are traditionally shown to us at the end of summer, this decision is also logical. So you don’t have to produce extra rulers, and stylus fans will be happy to get a replacement Note, albeit with a new marking. The main thing is that the stylus should be retracted into the case.

In terms of specs, the Geekbench 5 listing previously revealed that it will be powered by a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor paired with 8-12GB of RAM. An Exynos variant may also be under consideration for some markets.