#Rakhimsnimsnimalaxy: Samsung trend, which gained more than 3 billion views in Tiktok

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone acted as a professional camera for filming the Hip-Hop clip of the performer Rakhima Abramov (Rakhim), whose Tiktok signed more than 13 million people.

In September, Samsung and Rakhim launched a challenge on this social network, in which subscribers were offered to shoot short videos with ideas for the video for the song Swipe and publish them under the hashtag #Rakhimsnimsnimsnimsnimsnimsnimsnimsnimsnimsnimsnimsnimsnimsnimsnimsnimanimalaxy.Thanks to the active participation of users, the hashtag gained more than 3 billion views.

Of the thousands of ideas, Rakhim chose 21 best, which entered the clip.The winners of the Challenge also received the Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphones, and their videos were placed on the largest screen of Europe - the building of the hydraulic project.

“Samsung smartphones - real universal assistants for creative and modern people.Galaxy S21 Ultra allows you to create cool content of professional quality - even video clips! ”, Commented Rakhim Abramov.

#РахимСнимиНаGalaxy: тренд Samsung, набравший более 3 млрд просмотров в TikTok

The release of the Rakhim video took place in the official Tiktok account @samsungrussia, on the Rakhim YouTube channel, as well as on the Samsung website.COM/ru.

Swipe track clip is not the first time that Galaxy cameras were used to create professional content.In August, singer Valya Carnival used Galaxy Z Flip3 for filming the clip for the song "Stupid Girl".

The flagship Samsung Galaxy Note20 replaced professional equipment for the film crew of one of the episodes of the television show "Eagle and Tails.Miracles of the World "published in December 2020.The gadgets allowed to capture the most picturesque places of Zambia, such as Victoria Waterfall, the Devil basin on the edge of the waterfall and safari in the National Park.

The high quality of the Galaxy device and the wide functionality of the video records was appreciated by filmmakers around the world.Russian director Vitaliy Manyukov removed the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra to the flagship smartphone “Twice Two”, which was released in film distribution on February 4, 2021.Portuguese director Pedro Barla with the help of Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G embodied the idea of the writer Fernando Pessoa, who wrote the script of the film "Idol" a century ago.And the winner of the Golden Globe Joe Wright created with the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G the fairy tale "Princess and Peppertos".

Samsung smartphones also participated in the creation of covers of glossy magazines, shooting wild animals and in streams of extreme sporting events.