Samsung raised prices for its smartphones in Russia

Historically, the Russian smartphone market is very dependent on fluctuations in the exchange rate of foreign currencies. Therefore, when the ruble collapsed in 2015, almost all mobile devices went up in price by 2 or even 2.5 times. It was the most grandiose jump in prices that the Russians have ever seen, but this was not the end of the matter. At the beginning of this year, the ruble suffered another fiasco, and almost everyone who expected to get a new device sometime soon prepared himself morally to pay more. Well, not in vain prepared.

Samsung smartphones have risen in price in Russia. It wasn't a surprise

Камера телефона Samsung за 1400 долларов разбивается сама по себе

This week, Samsung brought its pricing policy in Russia in line with the world exchange rate. This is evidenced by the data of the official online store of the company. The price hike has affected most of Samsung's range of smartphones, both budget and flagship. But if inexpensive models have risen in price by an average of 2-5 thousand rubles, then the top ones have added 10-20 thousand rubles at once, which for many can become a decisive factor in favor of devices from competing brands.

New prices for Samsung smartphones

And these are the prices for smartphones of the Galaxy A line

А вы знали? Samsung не захотела покупать Android и отдала его Google

We do not list all the changed prices, because in this case the numbers would take up the entire article, however, we assure you that the increase affected almost all models. The only exception to the rule that we noticed was the Galaxy Z Flip. It both cost 119,990 rubles, and is still estimated at the same amount. It is difficult to say unambiguously what exactly connected such selectivity. Perhaps Samsung decided not to jack up the price of a device that is now looking particularly precarious. Although why in this case the Galaxy Fold has risen in price by 20 thousand rubles at once, it is not clear.

It may seem to many that Samsung did not take the issue of price changes responsibly enough and simply lifted them at random. Still, most devices have risen in price by 10 thousand rubles. But I hasten to reassure you: it just so happened that the ruble exchange rate against the euro fell by about 20%. Therefore, the Galaxy S10 for 80 thousand rubles is quite consistent with European pricing, where it will cost about the same in direct conversion.

Why smartphone prices have risen

Samsung подняла цены на свои смартфоны в России

Galaxy Z Flip has become almost the only Samsung smartphone that has not risen in price by a single ruble

The price change for Samsung smartphones was only a matter of time. As you know, the Russian pricing policy of most manufacturers is based on the euro, not the dollar. And since domestic prices, like European ones, immediately include VAT, which is 20% here and there, it was very easy to calculate the price of an unreleased smartphone in Russia. It was enough to multiply the European price by the current euro exchange rate and add or subtract a thousand rubles in order to get a beautiful number. And after the appreciation of the euro against the ruble, a beautiful and, most importantly, exact number did not work.

Samsung представила смартфон Galaxy A Quantum, который нельзя взломать

Despite the pattern of what happened, the increase in prices for Samsung smartphones can become a kind of trigger for the rest of the industry, who, following the Koreans, can also start recalculating their prices. Worst of all will be manufacturers focused on the release of devices in the top segment: Huawei, OnePlus, Apple and partly Xiaomi. If they, too, take the risk of revising their pricing policy in Russia, one can count on a rather tangible increase in prices.