The world's most affordable foldable smartphone is unveiled. TCL Flex V will start at $600

TCL unveiled the new TCL Flex V foldable smartphone at CES 2022, internally called Project Chicago.

Development of the phone is ongoing, with the company saying it's going to release an affordable foldable smartphone priced between $600-$700. Recall that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 is offered at a price of $ 1,000.

This clamshell is in the same form factor, but the gap between the parts of the smartphone when closed is smaller than that of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3. The aspect ratio of the new phone is 21:9 versus 22:9 for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3.

As for the external display, it's small and mostly used for notifications, though you can use it as a viewfinder to take selfies too.

The prototype device is built on the basis of a Snapdragon 765G single-chip system, it is equipped with a 3545 mAh battery. There is a 44MP camera on the front panel, and two image sensors with a resolution of 48 and 16MP are located on the back.

There is no release date information yet.