Ten reasons not to buy Galaxy S9/S9+ according to readers-Android.mobile-reView.com

Andrés:15 марта 2018 в 00:25

Plus a weak analysis of comments.

The bent edges are evil not at all because it is inconvenient to glue the glass, but because it is planned obsolescence (the device becomes extremely fragile on rounded faces), and also because rounded edges harm the eyes - under the lamps of daylight, they are displayed on themmonstrous glare that you can’t eliminate with a simple slope of the device (which worked in the case of a flat screen).

In addition, the bent screen worsens the visibility and readability of content at the edges of the screen.

Десять причин не покупать Galaxy S9/S9+ по мнению читателей — android.mobile-review.com

S9 can not be bought, if only because Samsung imposes bent screens to customers without providing a demanded alternative in the form of a normal flat screen.