The wrong side of the profession: Marianna Eliseeva on how not to burn out while working as a stylist

What is the specificity of the work of a television stylist? What is the most inspiring thing here? What's the most exhausting thing?

Makeovers on TV are a huge machine that must be constantly running. And shooting one program, ie. one transformation, they can take the stylist a working week: three days of preparation, a day of shooting, delivery of clothes. However, it is an invaluable experience. Many different types of "clients", teamwork, budgeting and icing on the cake - all this is almost free.

The hardest TV shoot you've ever had?

Изнанка профессии: Марианна Елисеева о том, как не выгореть, работая стилистом

The first one is also the most touching. The task was to choose an image for an unmarried girl who really wanted a family, but did not know how to dress for dates and did not feel confident. We needed to reveal the character of the heroine through clothes. As a result, a year after the program, the heroine called me with a request to choose a wedding dress.