What is the difference between Samsung smartphones for Russia and the USA.There will be a surprise

I think none of you nourish the illusions that the same smartphone for different markets should be the same.Because it is not so.The reasons for the existing differences, as well as the differences themselves, can be very different: features of the local market, problems with the supply of certain components, requests of the audience and in, end, legislative and other restrictions.Therefore, for example, in Russia neither 5G nor Ultra WideBand works.For the first technology, we simply do not have the necessary infrastructure, and for the second - the corresponding permission from law enforcement agencies.But such that one smartphone for different markets differs as radically as Samsung devices, it seems, has not yet been.

Samsung smartphones for the American and Russian market are quite serious

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The key difference of American Samsung smartphones and Russians have always been a processor.For the US market, Koreans sought to offer devices based on Qualcomm chipsets, and “stones” were carried to Russia to Russia.Not to say that the first is a unambiguous leader, and the second is an outsider.Still, both are the flagship processors.However, devices on Snapdragon, as tests show, in most scenarios surpass Exynos.

Exynos or Snapdragon

The key difference of Samsung smartphones for the Russian Federation and the USA is a processor

It should be noted that the differences in question may not appear immediately, but gradually.But to argue with their existence is simply impossible.Here are some examples of how Snapdragon processes won by Exynos:

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Differences, we will be honest, serious.But in standard scenarios of use, and even more so without a direct comparison of an American smartphone with Russian, it is almost impossible to identify the difference..Therefore, Samsung fans from Russia for the most part do not chase brand devices intended for the US market.Not only because they are brought to our country bypassing official channels and such devices can not be bought on credit or installments, but also because this, in fact, does not give obvious advantages to them.

However, as it turned out unexpectedly, the Galaxy S21 Ultra camera on Snapdragon 888 shoots much better than the camera of the same smartphone, but on the Exynos processor.Someone may say that this is strange to identify this difference after almost a whole year after the release of the devices.But in the justification of the enthusiasts who noticed this, I will say that usually it does not occur to people to conduct such tests directly.And without direct comparison, identifying the difference is extremely difficult, if not impossible to say.But such a comparison was carried out.

Galaxy S21 Ultra - Camera test

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Pay attention: the images that you see are stop-frames from the video, which were shot on chambers of two versions of the Galaxy S21 Ultra.The videos were intentionally shot in conditions of insufficient lighting to check the devices in stress conditions.Thus, it was possible to fully use the image processing chip, which in the dark usually strains more than usual in order to “pull out” the frame and make it more or less decent.Here are the results:

Left - Galaxy S21 Ultra on Snapdragon, on the right - on Exynos

Left - Galaxy S21 Ultra on Snapdragon, on the right - on Exynos

Left - Galaxy S21 Ultra on Snapdragon, on the right - on Exynos

Left - Galaxy S21 Ultra on Snapdragon, on the right - on Exynos

As you can see, in almost all cases, Galaxy S21 Ultra on Exynos lost to his twin on Snapdragon.This is noticeable both in detail of objects in the frame, including herbs, and in the effectiveness of focusing, which clearly suffers from the Russian copy, and in terms of color rendering quality.Pay attention to a rusty barrel in the last series of pictures.Galaxy S21 Ultra to Snapdragon handed the shades more naturally, showing a color transition, and the device on Exynos simply painted it brown, making, in fact, plain.

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Problem - in the ability of the Exynos processor to process graphics.His block, which is responsible for this process, turned out to be worse than that of Snapdragon, which is why it is banal to take colors in conditions of insufficient lighting, and even more so accurately transmitting them.The problem is definitely not in the cell, because both American and Russian, and all other Samsung smartphones use the same modules that do not have any differences from each other.But the processors have, and what else.

No need to think that Samsung specifically drains slag on the Russian market, selling here that by the way did not have been in other countries.Smartphones on Exynos take not only to us, but also a lot more.For example, devices based on Samsung's own processors are delivered to Europe.So Snapdragon versions are more exceptions that Koreans sell in their homeland, Japan, Oceania and some countries of North America.There are definitely fewer of them than countries where devices are taken on Exynos.