Why I'd rather buy a Galaxy S10 over a Galaxy S20

Once I already told you on what basis I choose a new smartphone. Some of you may find my method obvious or, on the contrary, pointless, but it has never let me down. Another thing is that it is aimed mainly at devices of the same generation, which are included in the same price category. Therefore, for those who, first of all, do not start from the price, from the practicality of a particular model, considering devices of different years of production, it will not work. Let's fill in the gap using the example of last year's Galaxy S10 and the new S20.

Galaxy S10 is cheaper than S20, but clearly no worse than it


Galaxy S20 design

I like the camera in the middle of the display less than in the corner

While the Galaxy S20 looks really appealing to me, it confuses me a lot that it's practically the same as the 2020 Galaxy A line of devices. The same Galaxy A51, which costs almost 4 times less than the S20, looks exactly the same. This is best seen on the example of the main and front cameras, and if at first I approved of such a decision, then over time I began to doubt my innocence. Still, now it seems to me that the flagships should look different than the models of the budget line, because the user should feel that they did not save on it. But even if you do not take this wish into account, I frankly do not like the design of the front camera. Yes, it looks fresh compared to competitors' smartphones, but from a practical point of view, the lens would not look so defiant in the corner.

Galaxy S10 is the latest smartphone with a curved display

Galaxy S10 is the latest smartphone with a curved display

I think you didn’t even pay attention to it, but yes, it’s true - this year Samsung finally abandoned curved matrices, making the Galaxy S20 display completely flat. I don't know how the company came up with this decision, but I sincerely believe that the Galaxy S10's curved-edge display looked more expensive and technologically advanced. Was it practical? Not at all. Even Samsung failed to find a use for the sloping side faces of the display. But not everything is measured by practicality. Is not it? Sometimes you need to think about the aesthetics, with which last year's flagship, in my opinion, everything was a little better.

New Galaxy S10 Features

One UI brings many features from Samsung's flagship smartphones to last year's

Почему я лучше куплю Galaxy S10 вместо Galaxy S20

Oddly enough, but Samsung, unlike most of its competitors, at some point became much more loyal in terms of distributing new features among its smartphones. As a result, most of the unique features that are typical for flagship devices, over time, began to spread among last year's and even the year before last's models. That was the case with the Galaxy S9, which received support for night mode from the Galaxy S10 last year. Therefore, there is every reason to believe that some of the exclusive functions of the S20 will migrate to the firmware "tens" in the foreseeable future. And if there is no difference, why pay more?

How to measure your heart rate with your smartphone

This chip next to the flash is the heart rate monitor

Another decision by Samsung, which I did not approve of, was the refusal to equip the Galaxy S20 with a built-in heart rate monitor. Despite the fact that this component was the property of all smartphones in the line, starting with the Galaxy S5, after five years the Koreans decided that it no longer had a place in its devices. And, in my opinion, completely in vain. After all, you never know when it will be necessary to take a pulse to determine if everything is in order with you. Of course, many have had fitness bracelets with heart rate scanners for a long time, but, you see, it’s still more reliable to have a built-in sensor.

How much is the Galaxy S10

Galaxy S10 is almost 30 thousand rubles cheaper than S20

If you are faced with the question of which smartphone to buy - Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S20 - most likely, you do not care about the financial side of the issue. Of course, you can always fork off a thousand dollars and get the coolest smartphone, but whether there will be any practical sense in this, especially against the background of the shortcomings of the novelty that we described above, is a big question. And, meanwhile, the overpayment for these shortcomings is quite tangible. After all, if we open Yandex.Market, we will see that today the Galaxy S20 costs at least 69,990 rubles, while the Galaxy S10 costs only a little more than 40 thousand. Yes, for this money you will receive a gray smartphone that was imported from abroad. But, in my opinion, one can put up with this fact, especially when it comes to saving 30 thousand rubles.